Disclosure Policy

Kotipizza Group is committed to transparency which means foreseeable, open, reliable, consistent, unbiased and timely communication. Kotipizza Group follows applicable legislation, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines, and disclosure obligations regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in its communication. In addition, internal protocols and proceedings such as corporate responsibility programme guide communication.

The aim of investor relations at Kotipizza Group is to support the correct value creation of shares and other financial instruments of Kotipizza Group by the timely publishing of relevant, understandable, reliable and comparable information as well as increasing the interest of investors and analysts towards Kotipizza Group, promoting the loyalty of investors and finally reaching new investors and analysts interested in the company.

The main principles that Kotipizza Group follows when communicating to the capital market and sharing information with its stakeholders about matters influencing share price are presented in this disclosure policy.

Stock exchange releases

Kotipizza Group publishes in regulatory releases all information that may significantly influence the value of company shares or other financial instruments and that is necessary for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the financial standing and possibilities of the company.

The information is released immediately after a decision on the matter to be communicated has been made, or once the Company has become aware of such matter, unless the disclosure of the information is delayed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In this case, the company assesses as to a) whether a set of circumstances, an event or arrangement would qualify as inside information (should the Company decide to proceed with the preparations), (b) whether an insider project needs to be established, and (c) whether the conditions for delaying the disclosure are met. The Company assesses and monitors the continued existence of the conditions for delaying disclosure in connection with insider projects.

The information is published simultaneously, or as soon as possible, to all parties including the stock exchange, most significant media as well as company website.

Updates in the information influencing share value are released following the same principles. The information is published independent of whether it may have positive or negative effects on the company.

Examples of matters which may impact share price:

  • Acquisitions or sales
  • Significant investments
  • Strategic changes
  • Significant restructurings
  • Significant rationalizations, termination of employments or suspensions
  • Severe interruptions in the supply chain
  • Decisions of authorities or courts
  • Changes in financial standing of the company, forecasts, prospects or guidance
  • Financial information pertaining to a period for which an interim report or financial statement has not yet been published.

In addition, information subject to regulated disclosure obligation is reported in regulatory releases, for example:

  • Financial statements and financial statement bulletins
  • Interim reports
  • Half-year financial reports
  • Notices to convene and the resolutions of annual general meeting
  • Managers’ transactions
  • Changes in board of directors, management team or auditors
  • Major shareholders (flagging notifications)

Matters influencing share price are considered inside information until they have been published according to the disclosure policy of the company. Should relevant information influencing share price be exposed in contradiction with the company’s disclosure obligation, a stock exchange release shall be published immediately.

Press releases

In press releases, Kotipizza Group publishes information which, according to the company’s estimate, will not have a significant effect on the value of company shares or other financial instruments and which do not fall under the company’s disclosure obligation. The information published in press releases helps to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial standing and possibilities of the company. Press releases may contain information on Kotipizza Group or its individual business units.

The information is released as soon as possible after a decision on the matter to be communicated has been made, or once the company has become aware of such matter. The information is published on the company website, in relevant media and other applicable channels.

In press releases, the company reports for example:

  • Monthly chain sales of all its restaurant concepts that have ongoing business operations
  • Investments
  • Restructurings
  • Information on products and business locations
  • Significant changes in personnel

Other communication channels

Kotipizza Group’s website on kotipizzagroup.com is the company’s primary communication channel to the financial market. All stock exchange and press releases concerning both the Group and individual business units are published and archived on the website under ‘Investors’. All financial reporting and other regulatory information related to the company is published and archived in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the same section which also presents the company’s financial calendar.

Additional company information is published in social media channels where the company has chosen to be present.


The following persons have the right to speak on behalf of Kotipizza Group about the strategy, financing, development of the markets and views of the company: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer and Deputy to the CEO (CFO) and Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer (CCO).

Other members of the management team have the right to comment on matters relating to their own field of responsibility within the limits outlined in this disclosure policy. When official notifications are released, the person who is the best acquainted with the matter at hand is named as point of contact and has the right to comment on the matter.

Communication policy for capital markets and media

The management of Kotipizza Group participates in investor relations and is regularly available for capital markets and media representatives. Discussions in meetings are based on previously released information, and their purpose is to give background information of Kotipizza Group and its operational environment.

Kotipizza Group does not comment on the current share price or its future development. Analyst reports are commented on only with the purpose of correcting possible factual errors. Opinions and conclusions of analysts, including investment recommendations, are not commented on.

Silent period

Before publishing financial statements and interim reports, Kotipizza Group holds a so-called silent period. The period begins 30 days before the release of financial statements and interim reports.

During silent period, representatives of Kotipizza Group are not available for capital markets and do not discuss the result of the company or the development of the markets.


Kotipizza Group provides guidance in its official outlook statements presented in interim reports and financial statements as well as in the annual report of the board of directors. The company shall provide an outlook only for a period of time that is reasonable and possible to analyse. The outlook statement shall contain an assessment of the chain sales of continuing operations and profitability. Assessments may also contain other information.

Kotipizza Group does not provide further forecasts, nor does the company answer to other questions discussing outlook on the future unless the company decides to amend its previous guidance. In this case, a separate stock exchange release shall be published.

Interim reports and financial statements

The financial year of Kotipizza Group is 1 February to 31 January. The Company publishes three quarterly reports and a financial statements release, which are the primary sources of information on financial performance, balance sheet and financial position, outlook, and other related information. Kotipizza Group also publishes an annual report, which includes an overview of the Group and its operations and performance, a review of its strategy and the execution thereof, a review of the Company’s businesses, stakeholder relations and governance matters, as well as annual financial information.

Kotipizza Group publishes financial statements and interim reports on dates announced in advance. The publication dates for the coming financial year shall be announced prior to the end of the previous financial year.

Kotipizza Group publishes an annual report and four (4) interim reports for periods ending on 30 April, 31 July, 31 October and 31 January. The fourth interim report also serves as the official financial statement bulletin.


Kotipizza Group releases information according to disclosure obligations in English and Finnish. If needed, the company may also release information in other languages.

Information leaks and rumours

Should material information influencing share price leak to the public domain, Kotipizza Group is obligated to publish a stock exchange release on the matter. Kotipizza Group will not comment on rumours on market developments, unless commentary is necessary in order to rectify significant and clearly false information that could have a material impact on share price.