Our operations are guided by the passionate goal of “making eating more fun”. The company’s development is guided by the megatrends influencing the food and restaurant industry: urbanization, climate change and digitalization. It is also guided by the food trends that will change the industry in the coming years, such as a growing emphasis on safe and natural ingredients, the emergence of snack culture, and above all, the fast casual dining phenomenon, which revolves around consumers’ desire to eat fresh and responsibly produced food in a restaurant-style environment at affordable prices. We are implementing a strategy that is aimed at profitable growth today and in the future. This is made possible by Kotipizza, a pizza chain familiar to all Finns, as well as new fast casual concepts that will create industry-leading customer experiences and provide opportunities for new franchisees to write their success stories. How we plan to grow our business is outlined in the Kotipizza Group’s Roadmap 2020.