Corporate Responsibility

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Kotipizza Group’s mission is to make the world a better place, one bite at a time. For us, responsible business means clean, safe and responsibly produced ingredients that we can trace back to their origins. We support local entrepreneurship and do not condone the grey economy. We train our franchisees and employees and ensure that our direct personnel have the opportunity to do meaningful work in inspiring and motivational conditions. We are transparent in communicating our operations and our progress towards fulfilling our promises. Our responsibility promises are also aimed at further improving the customer experience. We believe that our work to promote greater responsibility strengthens customer loyalty, attracts new customers and further improves the customer experience.

Value-driven responsibility strategy

We focus on responsibility efforts driven by values. In practice, this means that we target our investments to measures that are both responsible and financially effective. Because financial and social responsibility are intertwined, our value-driven work for responsibility both creates value in our financial result and benefits society and the environment. Approaching corporate responsibility from the point of view of value creation allows us to see not only our successes but also our areas of development.

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Kotipizza first pizza chain globally to merit MSC ecolabel

The Kotipizza chain has received the MSC ecolabel, confirming that all fish and seafood served by the chain come from sustainable sources and certified fisheries. Kotipizza is the first pizza chain in the world to be licensed to use the label.

Products with the MSC ecolabel are guaranteed to have been responsibly caught by a certified sustainable fishery. Before awarding the label, a certifying process was carried out to ensure that all Kotipizza restaurants use MSC-labelled fish and seafood products only.