The Annual General Meeting elects the auditor for a term of office that runs until the end of the following Annual General Meeting.

The scope of the audit encompasses the Group’s accounting, administration, Financial Statements and Board of Directors’ Report for each financial year. The Auditor makes regular reports to the Audit Committee and submits an Auditor’s Report to the Annual General Meeting. The Auditor’s Report contains a statement as to whether the Financial Statements and the Board of Directors’ Report give a true and fair view, as defined in the rules governing financial reporting, of the Group’s operative result and financial position, and as to whether the information contained in the Board of Directors’ Report is consistent with the Financial Statements. The auditor’s fee is paid annually, in accordance with the Annual General Meeting’s decision.

Ernst&Young Oy, firm of authorised public accountants, has served as Kotipizza Group’s auditor for the financial year ending 31 January 2017. An authorised public accountant Antti Suominen has been the chief auditor.

Auditor fees, thousand Euros 31.1.16 31.1.16 31.1.15 31.1.14
Auditing fees 96 47 41 25
Consultancy fees 25 173 32 35
Total 121 220 73 60


About Kotipizza Group Oyj’s audit committee

The Board of Directors formed in its meeting held on 23 January 2017 an audit committee.

The audit committee serves to assist the Board of Directors in its control tasks related to the financial reporting, internal control system and risk management of the Kotipizza Group as well as its internal auditing and auditing function. The audit committee has three members. The Board of Directors appoints the chairman and the members on a yearly basis. Members of the audit committee for the financial year ending 31 January 2018 are Virpi Holmqvist, Kim Hanslin and Minna Nissinen with Minna Nissinen as chairman.

You can view the audit committee’s rules of procedure here.