Kotipizza Group as an Investment

A leading market position and established brand

Kotipizza chain is the #1 pizza brand with nationwide coverage in excellent locations. Kotipizza has the highest top-of-mind brand recognition in the whole segment. The chain has gone through a major concept renewal and it has innovative R&D team, which also includes franchisees.

Efficient business model providing growth prospects

Kotipizza has a track record of operations for some 30 years. We have a good understanding of franchisees and have close interaction with them. Kotipizza Group offers attractive concepts for franchisees with good store level economics. We recently established a fresh Mexican style street food concept Chalupa.

Attractive market with stable revenues

The company has stable revenue streams combined with a well-managed cost base. Capex and NWC requirements are low due to the franchisee operated business model. This allows for a high cash conversion. We target at a 60–80 percent pay-out ratio.

Responsible player in the growing fast casual market

We have high quality products, which are freshly made from top class, responsibly produced and sourced ingredients. Approximately 60% of the ingredients are of domestic origin. Fast casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry and Kotipizza Group is one of its forerunners in the Finnish market.

Our financial targets in numbers

The Kotipizza Group’s mid-term financial targets are:

  • Annual chain sales growth exceeding 10 percent
  • Comparable EBITDA growth of 15–20 percent
  • Maintaining high cash conversion
  • Pay-out ratio of 60–80 percent