Making a difference in the world isn’t a solo achievement – it’s a team sport. That is why working together is particularly important for our success. We want to be proud of all of our partners, and we want them to be proud of us as well.

Suppliers are an important part of our supply chain. Without innovative ingredient suppliers who are committed to sustainability, Kotipizza’s efforts to reduce climate emissions or support human rights, for example, would be practically impossible.

Kotipizza uses a Supplier Code of Conduct aimed at suppliers and other partners. Its purpose is to promote the realisation of good business practices, human rights, labour legislation, environmental protection and sustainable development in the Kotipizza value chain. We expect sustainable operations from all of our partners and comply with the same ethical principles in our own work. The Supplier Code of Conduct was created as a practical tool in guiding the actions and decisions of our partners. Learn more about the document here.

Orkla Group

Kotipizza Group is part of the Norwegian Orkla conglomerate. Sustainability is in a key position in Orkla’s culture and values. Orkla was chosen among the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world by the Corporate Knights Global index.

Our commitment to sustainability also played an important role in Orkla’s decision to make a tender offer for Kotipizza Group. Our shared sustainable values and ways of working brought the two companies together. The business combination will help us make the world a better place, one bite at a time. Kotipizza Group is now part of Orkla’s international sustainability network, and the partnership brings new enthusiasm in our sustainability work locally as well. 

Orkla aims to help in facing global sustainable development challenges. Their key themes of sustainability work are fighting climate change, reducing food waste, protecting rain forests, sustainable sourcing and healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products. Orkla has set objectives for its sustainability work up to 2025 and aims to operate as the pioneer of sustainability in its field in the Nordic countries. Kotipizza Group has also taken Orkla’s objectives into account in its operations. 



The franchisees of the Kotipizza Group restaurant chains are important partners in our sustainability work. The majority of the work is planned in cooperation with the franchisees and implemented in the restaurants. 

The franchisees also realise various sustainability projects independently. A great example is Ibrahim Khalil who leads four restaurants as a Kotipizza franchisee in the capital region. He has used his business profit to found a school for impoverished children in his home town in Bangladesh, and he also plans to build a dairy farm there. In this way, sustainability creates good outside the borders of Finland, too. 

A documentary has been produced about Ibrahim’s projects. It is titled Kaksi kotimaata (“Two homelands”) and was awarded as the boldest communication act of 2018. 

Plan International Finland

Originally, Kotipizza Group chose to support the Finnish sector of the humanitarian organisation Plan International first and foremost for its operations in Indonesia. Kotipizza and Indonesia have a long history of partnership: we have used Indonesian pineapples for over a decade. Above all, Plan International Finland promoted girls’ opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Once the operations in Indonesia drew to a close in 2019, Kotipizza’s help was directed at a new, equally worthy programme. In 2019–2021, we support SmartUp Factory schools, situated in Uganda and Ethiopia, where young people, especially girls and women, get to learn digital skills necessary in working life so as to build a better life, career and livelihood for themselves and their communities.

Together with Plan International, Kotipizza Group has also organised events to fight child labour and to promote equality by handing over the reigns of our company to the 16-year old Netta on International Day of the Girl Child, among other things.

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Nenäpäivä, the Finnish Red Nose Day, is an annual fund-raising and publicity campaign that uses the means of entertainment and humour to help children and their families in third-world countries with long-term development cooperation. It also promotes global justice and equality.

The funds from Nenäpäivä are used to help children where help is needed the most. The nine organisations of Nenäpäivä – UNICEF Finland and the Red Cross, among others – work hard for every child’s right to go to school, gain an income and have a good life. 

Kotipizza has been part of Nenäpäivä since 2016. Nenäpäivä was selected as Kotipizza’s non-profit partner mainly because the campaign gives our franchisees the opportunity to participate by organising Nenäpäivä activities in their restaurants.

The Group personnel has also participated in Nenäpäivä. We have organised pizza fairs and created the song Lasten asialla (“For the children”), for example. In 2019, employees in Kotipizza chain’s management took over a Kotipizza restaurant for one eventful day and ran the place while the franchisee and their staff enjoyed time off. We have also challenged our partners and customers to join the campaign.

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