Disclosure Policy

Kotipizza Group has committed to transparency which means foreseeable, open, reliable, consistent, unbiased and timely communication. Kotipizza Group follows applicable legislation, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines and disclosure obligations regulated by Financial Supervisory Authority in its communication. In addition, internal protocols and proceedings such as corporate liability programme guide the communication.

The aim of investor relations of Kotipizza Group is to support the right value creation of shares and other stocks of Kotipizza Group by timely publishing relevant, understandable, reliable and comparable information as well as increasing the interest of investors and analysts towards Kotipizza Group, promoting the loyalty of investors and finally reaching new investors and analysts interest in the company.

The main principles obeyed by Kotipizza Group when communicating with the capital market and sharing information with its interest groups about matters influencing share price are presented in this disclosure policy.

Price sensitive information

Kotipizza Group publishes all such information which may remarkably influence share value immediately after such decision has been made or the company has become aware of such matter. Such information is published as simultaneous as possible to all parties including stock exchange, the most significant media as well as web site of the company.

Information influencing share price shall be released applying the same principle. The information shall be published independent on its positive or negative meaning for the company.

In the following is an example of matters which might have an influence on the share price:

  • Acquisitions or sales
  • Significant investments
  • Strategic changes
  • Significant reorganizations
  • Significant rationalizations, termination of employments or suspensions
  • Severe interruptions in the subcontracting chain
  • Decisions of authorities or courts
  • Changes in Board of Directors, Management Team or auditors
  • Changes in financial standing of the company, forecasts, prospects or guidance
  • Financial information relating to period from which interim or financial statement has not yet been published

Matters necessary for creating an overall picture of the actual financial standing and possibilities of the company shall be released in stock exchange releases.

Matters influencing share price are considered inside information as long as they have been published according to the disclosure policy of the company. In case relevant information which has an influence on the value of the share would be exposed against the disclosure obligation of the company, a stock exchange release shall be published immediately.


The following persons have the right to speak on behalf of Kotipizza Group about the strategy, financing, development of the markets and views of the company: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer (CCO).

Other members of the Management Team have the right to comment matters relating to their own field of responsibility obeying the limits of this disclosure policy. When publishing official notifications a contact person shall be the one who is the best acquainted with the matter at hand and who has the right to comment it.

Communication policy for capital markets and media

The management of Kotipizza Group participates in investor relations and is regularly available for capital markets and media representatives. Discussions at the meetings are based on previously released information and the purpose is to give background information of Kotipizza Group and its operational environment.

Kotipizza Group does not comment the current share price or its future development. Reports of analysts can be commented only in order to correct possible factual errors. Opinions and conclusions of analysts are not commented.

Silent period

Before publishing financial statements and interim reports Kotipizza Group shall hold a so called silent period. The period begins 30 days before the publication of financial statements or interim reports.

During silent period representatives of Kotipizza Group are not available for capital markets and do not discuss the result of the company or the development of the markets.


Kotipizza Group gives guidance in its official outlooks included in interims and financial statements as well as annual report of the Board of Directors. The company shall assess future outlooks only for a reasonably possible period. The outlooks shall contain an assessment of future sales and profitability. Assessments may also contain other information.

Kotipizza Group does not give other forecasts and the company does not answer to other questions discussing future outlooks unless the company decides to amend its previous guidance. In this case, a separate stock exchange release shall be published.

Interims and financial statements

Kotipizza Group publishes financial statements and interim reports according to in advance given schedule. The publication dates of next financial year shall be announced already before the preceding financial year has ended (see also investor calendar on the web site).

Kotipizza Group publishes an annual report and four (4) interim reports from periods which end on 30th April, 31st July, 31st October and 31st January. The fourth interim report also serves as an official financial statement notification.


Kotipizza Group releases information according to disclosure obligations in English and Finnish. If needed the company may also release information in other languages.

Information leaks and rumours

In case relevant information influencing share price would leak to public, Kotipizza Group is obliged to publish a stock exchange release. Kotipizza Group will not comment on rumours of markets unless it is necessary in order to correct significant and clearly false information which could influence share price.